Ranger (Hardcover)

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Ranger (Hardcover)


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From the North a dark power festers in the heart of the forest.
Creatures come from within, beings that bear death. They never leave
their victims alive, they've never been seen in daylight, and most
people don't believe they exist... until it's too late.

Kimberly Ranger is daughter to the wealthy governor of a small, dry
western town. Her life is utterly changed one fateful night when her
father tries to steal his entire family away to the big city in the
north. Disaster befalls them as they ride through the shadow cloaked
forest paths and all are thought to be dead.

Several years later a young stranger appears in the town's dusty
saloon, asking questions about that night. As time ticks on and people
begin to give the stranger answers, they begin to vanish; respected
members of the town disappear without a trace, animals are slaughtered
in herds, and a tale as old as time is brought to light. One person
links them all together.

One legend, two protectors. This is their story; one of danger,
peril, and hope. The greatest adventures are not always the ones that
are passed down in fables, sometimes the ones that really mean
something are the ones that never get told...

Product Details ISBN: 9781087873220
ISBN-10: 1087873223
Publisher: Trista Shaye
Publication Date: August 1st, 2018
Pages: 252
Language: English