The Centurion's Woman (1): Maiden (Hardcover)

The Centurion's Woman (1): Maiden By Amanda Flieder Cover Image

The Centurion's Woman (1): Maiden (Hardcover)


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Alexandria "Alex" Moldovan fell asleep at a work retreat and woke up in the same place, just not in the right time. The situation improves when she's inadvertently rescued by a Roman Centurion, and as long as she can keep her wits - and his affections - she might just survive this. But trading one slave class for another doesn't help with the trouble that always seems to find her...

Ixillius Traversi had been leading his century on a routine razing, but the slave he found imprisoned, injured and starved in the village is anything but typical. That she was alive seemed barely possible, and then she'd saved his life... and she wasn't afraid of him. He claimed the woman who called herself Alex as his slave, be it a curse or a blessing, but he still needs to know one thing: who is she?

The Centurion's Woman is set in Germania Inferior circa 5 AD, and Maiden discovers that a two thousand year culture shock may be the easiest problem to overcome, but it won't be the last...

Product Details ISBN: 9781460292761
ISBN-10: 1460292766
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: August 31st, 2016
Pages: 234
Language: English