Steam Highwayman 3: The Reeking Metropolis (Paperback)

Steam Highwayman 3: The Reeking Metropolis By Martin Barnabus Noutch, Russ Nicholson (Illustrator) Cover Image

Steam Highwayman 3: The Reeking Metropolis (Paperback)


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The city teems with desperate life. Smog and mug clog the streets and waterways while the outskirts are haunted by robbers. Rumours are muttered in every inn and tavern: "The Compact are preparing for revolution... The Guilds are at each other's throats... Jewel thieves eye the Tower of London..."

In The Reeking Metropolis you can duel with the gentry and shake hands with sweeps. Will you form your own street gang or run an industrial workshop? Will you get your hands on gems or lose them to a guild punishment? Will you resort to the lowliest of employments in the dust yards or sewers, or will you mount to the other filthy extreme and represent the people as a Member of Parliament?

Steam Highwayman is an open-world adventure gamebook series in which you, the reader, must choose your path through an alternative Steampunk history. With a pair of dice and a pencil you can track your adventure through an England that never was, discovering secrets, solving quests, rescuing those in need and punishing those who deserve vengeance. The midnight road calls

Product Details ISBN: 9781999798529
ISBN-10: 199979852X
Publisher: Sharpsword Studios
Publication Date: March 31st, 2021
Pages: 276
Language: English