Nurture House Art Market & Raíz Gallery Artist Reception

Nurture House Art Market & Artist Reception is back for 2023!

Join of us for a night full of art, including..

- ART MARKET with a variety of local creatives.

- ARTIST RECEPTION, Featuring Local Artist Se'mana Thompson @mx_semee

- FOOD & DRINKS FROM The Rez, An Urban Eatery , ¡Aguas! & The Remedy Phoenix

- DJ SET: Drea

- EXTENDED HOURS for Palabras Bilingual Bookstore & Wasted Ink Zine Distro

- RAFFLE: Buy art from local artists or books from Palabras and you are able to enter our raffle with lots of goodies from Palabras and local artists.


January Raíz Gallery Exhibition: “Collective Works of Se’mana Thompson''

“Collective Works of Se’mana Thompson'' explores altar work and ancestral collaging through visual representation of prayer, song and action. Birds and flowers are frequently featured in their work; relationship with birds and flowers bring about songscape (a form of prayer), dreams, life force, spiritual renewal, and survival. As a disabled artist, Se’mana is mostly located at home, in their bedroom, in a space that is their center of being; altar work surrounds them, bringing forth ceremony, ancestral veneration, identity and remembrance. A form of resistance and liberation, their collage is a collective prayer for everything that is living and passed; it is grieving, it is death, it is acknowledging what is present and it is strategy to continue to breathe life into that which appears wilted and tired. Se’mana’s work also focuses on Black Indigenous peoples and the disproportionate level of incarceration that specifically affects their sons’ livelihood. In these works, incorporation of flowers, statistics and imagery of Black Indigenous peoples is a dedication to their sons, who they were and what they’ve overcome, a representation of themselves to carry on into the future.

Event date: 
Friday, January 20, 2023 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Event address: 
906 W Roosevelt st.
Unit 2
Phoenix, AZ 85007