Palabras is excited to present the first iteration of “In Our Own Words: BIPOC Open Mic" on August 15th!


Who is welcome to perform? The virtual stage is only for Black, Indigenous and POC artists & we are adamant about holding a safe space for these artists & all of their intersecting identities (BIPOC with disabilities & LGBT+). No hate speech will be tolerated. 


To perform, please email 


A Moment of Accountability:

Just as you are doing the work to be equitable & just, Palabras has taken time to grow & review. As a literary & community space centering the work & livelihoods of marginalized people, we believe in the powerful transformative energy of language. We’ve realized our previous POC Open Mic did not fully encompass the entirety of people we center in our space. Although it was not our intention, it’s important to acknowledge how all actions create an impact & we apologize for any exclusion our language has caused. While all nonwhite people are affected by systemic racism &white supremacy, it's imperative we recognize the weight of this system falls heavily on Black & Indigenous  people. It's necessary for us to acknowledge this through our actions & our language & to continue affirming who Palabras Bilingual Bookstore serves. 

Thank you for letting us grow with you.

Event date: 
Saturday, August 15, 2020 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Event address: 
ID 947 7757 4375
PW 063885,